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A video for World Environment Day on the relationship between the natural environment and AMR – June 2021,
prepared by the Health Services Management Training Centre (EMK) of Semmelweis University:

A video for World Health Day about the cost of health and AMR – April 2021,
prepared by the Health Services Management Training Centre (EMK) of Semmelweis University:

Press release on “Importance of raising awareness about AMR” – February 2021

Bacteria resistant to medication are spreading across the world.

They are a threat to the health of every one of us.

If the infection is caused by a bacterium that is resistant to antibiotics, treatment options are limited. It may even happen that the bacterium is not sensitive to any available antibiotics.

It is a global health concern and an increasingly serious challenge. If no actions are taken against the growth and spread of antimicrobial resistance, it’s going to be more and more difficult to treat many common bacterial infections, and simple surgery can also become risky if the antibiotics become less effective.

Antibiotic resistance develops when bacteria adapt to the presence of the antibiotic to which they are exposed. It is a natural phenomenon, but If antibiotics are not used properly, this process will speed up. Misuse of antibiotics can occur in several areas and situations: healthcare, agriculture and the veterinary sector – it’s everyone’s responsibility to maintain antibiotics’ effectiveness.

Let’s make sure that each of us is aware of what we can do to effectively fight antibiotic resistance. Everyone can participate in the mitigation! It is our responsibility to take action at the social and individual level.

To get more information on antibiotic resistance and what we can do both individually and on a larger scale, visit the AMR DetecTool website.

The EIT Health-funded AMR DetecTool project fights against antibiotic resistance by developing rapid diagnostic tests. The methods currently used determining the bacterium’s resistance are time-consuming, so the appropriate antibiotic treatment is delayed. Rapid detection is essential to prevent its further spread and to fight efficiently against multiresistant bacteria. With the breakthrough AMR DetecTool device, inappropriate antibiotics can be avoided, and the patient can receive an effective antibiotic in time.