Rapid AMR detection - an unmet need

Rapid AMR detection is key to fight effectively against multidrug resistant bacteria

Quick and reliable diagnostics are needed to give patients effective treatment on time.

The methods currently used determining the bacterium’s resistance are time-consuming,
so the appropriate antibiotic treatment is delayed.

The AMR DetecTool diagnostic device shortens the workflow for detecting multidrug-resistant bacteria to 30 min, so the most appropriate medication can be provided to patients right from the beginning of the treatment.

Jordi Vila – Barcelona Institute for Global Health, IS Global – leads the clinical testing of the device in real-life conditions

Rapid detection is essential to give patients effective treatment in time and prevent the spread of antibiotic resistance.
The AMR DetecTool device can detect the most common resistance mechanisms of bacteria directly from the patient’s sample.
Rapid detection allows the patient to receive the appropriate antibiotic quickly, so the recovery time is shorter, and the length of hospital stay decreases.