Clinical testing of the device in real-life conditions

Trained medical professionals apply the test on real patient samples in 10 locations across Europe

This project activity is lead by Jordi Vila Estapé
Barcelona Institute for Global Health, IS Global

Expert level summary

During the kick-off meeting of the project, a training session showed to all project partners how to use the AMR-DetecTool. Additionally,  attendants filled out questionnaires to give their professional opinions on the device and the institutional background of the process. In the next phase, 10 hospitals are completing and assessing 6,000 clinical tests and providing a detailed description including the feedback obtained from the 3 partner hospitals (France, Hungary and Spain) as well as the 7 external hospitals regarding Carba-5, CTXM-multi, VAN A/B, Oxa-Ab and 3GC tests.

Detailed activity description

Task 1: Training on how to use the device for the associated hospitals participating in the project (conducted during the kick-off meeting);

Task 2. Initiate large-scale testing of Carba 5 and CTXM-Mul tests involving the 10 hospitals (3 core partners + 7 associated hospitals);

Task 3. Complete the testing of the Van A/B tests and OXA tests;

Task 4: Complete the testing of 3GC strip;

Task 5: Data Analysis (from data recovered from Tasks 3 and 4);

Task 6: Complete the large scale testing of the reader;

Task 7: Data recovering at M1 for the evaluation of tests implementation in the diagnosis pathway to be delivered at the end of the project. A questionnaire is filled out by participant clinics and external hospitals at the beginning and at the end of the project. The impact of the knowledge gathered during the project is measured by using these questionnaires.